Easter Meditation retreat April 12 – April 17 2017. 5 nights.

Breathe, expand and Be. With meditation, walking, deep nature connection and visit to the Shrine of the Black Virgin, Rocamadour.

Set in an area of great natural beauty and elemental power in southern France.

With guided meditation, conscious breathing, and deep nature connection we open, expand and receive profound renewal from the greater consciousness which is our true Being.

In the teachings of Kabbalah, and the Western Mystical tradition, this deeper awareness is the radiant sun of consciousness which shines in beauty, goodness and truth at the heart of our being.

This is universal, beyond time, and mind-made concepts and divisions, and it lives within each person, and within all life, in the unity of Being. 

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Small Group Retreats 2017. 


Each day begins with gentle movement and breathing to awaken the spine and the vital energy of the body. This is suitable for everybody, as it works with the natural alignment of the spine to find the support of the ground and recover grace and ease. Guided meditation and conscious breathing take you out of the anxiety and compulsive thinking of the mind into the peace and stillness at the core of your being.

We take guided walks through the wild forested river gorges, to connect with the elemental powers of the landscape, and allow vital energy to flow more freely through the body. Meditation and movement come together in the present moment, and creative energy flows through daily life.

We also make a pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Black Virgin at Rocamadour to experience the magic of one of Europe’s most beautiful sacred sites. 

Each evening, there will be guided meditation before dinner. The delicious food is local, seasonal and organic. You will leave with a profound sense of renewal, an upwelling of vitality, and greater connectnedness to the peace and stillness at the core of your being.


The candles of the Menorah, representing the Tree of Life, a symbol for the unity and diversity of life found in the shamanic as well as western mystical traditions

Dates and Costs 2017.

Easter Retreat: Awakening to Renewal in the Light. April 12 – April 17 2017. 5 nights 490 euros per person.

Spring Retreat: May 24 – May 30 2017. 5 nights 490 euros per person.

New Year Retreat 2017: The Fire of Renewal. December 27 2017 – January 2

5 nights 590 euros per person.

Extra nights’ accomodation in comfortable rooms with private bathroom are available before and after each retreat. Private Retreats for individuals and couples are also available throughout the year. Please contact us for more details. There are flights from the UK to Toulouse airport and an excellent train service from Toulouse and Paris to our local station at Najac.

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